Staff List 2017 - 2018

Staff List

TeacherHead Teacher: Mrs A Irvine
Depute Head Teacher: Mrs C Murray
Principal Teacher : Mrs E Buchanan

Class Teachers

Primary 1 : Mrs D Rasmussen

Primary 2/1: Miss Y Paterson

Primary 2 : Miss C Greenwood

TeacherPrimary 3 : Miss K McCafferty

Primary 4: Mr E Phillips

Primary 5: Miss E Gordon

Primary 6/5 : Mrs A O'Donnell

Primary 6 : Mrs L Quigley

Primary 7a : Mrs E Waddell

Primary 7b : Mr C Docherty

Reduced Class Contact Teacher: Miss A Eyland and Mrs L Campbell

Our staff

Support for Learning Teacher: Mrs E Buchanan

Senior Clerical Assistant: Mrs L James

Clerical Assistants: Mrs H Adamson,  Mrs L Foster and Mrs C Ross 

Classroom Assistants: Mrs K Armstrong

ASN Assistants: Mrs M Wilson, Mrs E McCallum and Mrs B Sandison, Miss K McIver, Mrs R Coutts, Mrs A Allen, Mrs C Carson, Mrs J Scott, Mrs J Canning and Mrs M Gavigan.


Learning Assistants: Mrs S Reford and Mrs G Gilmartin,

Nursery Staff

Mrs L Hampsey (Senior Early Years Education Childcare Officer (EYECO))

Mrs M Smillie (Early Years Education Childcare Officer)

Mrs J Clark (Early Years Education Childcare Officer)

Miss L Cairns (Early Years Education Childcare Officer)

Miss P Mitchell (Early Years Support Assistant)

Garvel Staff

Mrs K McLeod - Principal Teacher

Mrs J Campbell - Class Teacher

Mrs C Cameron - Early Years Education Childcare Officer

Mrs H McCartney - Learning Assistant

Mrs A Sharp - Clerical Assistant

Music Tutors: Mrs P Beck, Mr L Deveney, Mr D Hutcheson, Mrs L Potter and Mr Young

Janitor: Mr C Wylie

Cook-in-Charge: Ms D Osborne

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